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Weird 2005 Ford Explorer

Exceleration jump if moving only between 5 and 15 MPH and sometimes engine (4.0) dies while in a coast decent. There is 77,000 mile on the explorer. I noticed when going slow around 5 to 15 MPH and then coast, wait 2 to 5 seconds then apply exceleration to the pedal, the RPM remain the same (around low 700 RPM) for about 2 to 3 seconds delay then then a (JUMP) lerge in power. One guy said it was the tranmission. I registered his suggestion as one who was on the bottle due to the fact there was no increase in RPM’s. HELP!!!I had this problem a long time ago with a 1966 Ford Galaxy. Turned out to be a bad neddle valve screw pin. HELP!!!

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