Weird 2005 Ford Explorer

Exceleration jump if moving only between 5 and 15 MPH and sometimes engine (4.0) dies while in a coast decent. There is 77,000 mile on the explorer. I noticed when going slow around 5 to 15 MPH and then coast, wait 2 to 5 seconds then apply exceleration to the pedal, the RPM remain the same (around low 700 RPM) for about 2 to 3 seconds delay then then a (JUMP) lerge in power. One guy said it was the tranmission. I registered him suggestion as one who was on the bottle due to the fact there was no increase in RPM’s. HELP!!!I had this problem a long time ago with a 1996 Ford Galaxy. Turned out to be a bad neddle valve screw pin. HELP!!!

Very hard to make sense of your symptoms. But I’ll make a stab at it. I don’t think it is the transmission. If you pushed on the gas and the motor rev’d up and the car didn’t more faster, that would be the transmission. What I believe you said is you push on the gas petal and the motor doesn’t respond immedidately as it should but after a delay then the motor jumps up in rev’s. Correct?

I think you have a problem in the fuel delivery system of the car. There is an idle control circut that could be off, the MAP sensor could be off. The fuel pressure from the fuel pump and fuel pressure regulator could be off. A better more precise description of the symptoms would help make for a more specific diagnosis.