Where does added weight to a pickup do the most good in snow or mud??


Where in a pickup truck bed should added weight be placed for the most good in snow or mud?


Directly over the tires or between the tires and the cab. DO NOT put the weight between the tires and the back of the truck…any shifting of the weight will cause the truck to fishtail.


directly over the rear axle or a little ahead of it,for snow and ice.


I agree. I always place the extra weight directly over the rear axle.


Like the guys said, only there is a simple method of keeping the weight from shifting.

Measure and cut two 2x4s the width of the truck bed (inside).

Then measure the distance between the front of the wheelwell to the rear of it, cut another 2x4 and screw the cross pieces together.

That makes a cheap non-shifting ‘box’ for the sand bags or whatever.

I would avoid using concrete building blocks as they can become dangerous missiles in a collision.

Besides, you can always use the sand for traction if you get stuck.


I cut a piece of sheathing to fit snug between the wheelwells and just long enough to fit snug between the front of the bed and the tailgate with the gate up.

I then cut 2x4s to a size determined by the concrete patio blocks, just right to make a box to secure the blocks, and screwed then to the sheathing with decking screws just fore of the axle.

I laid the blocks in a screwed a top over it with decking screws.

Everything was secured in case of an accident.
The patio blocks are handle-able yet provide good weight in a small package.
The resulting “unit” is flat, allowing full use of the bed.
In spring I simply removed the box top, removed the blocks, and stored them all for the next season’s use.

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Correction: I laid the blocks in AND screwed the top on with decking screws.

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