Weedeater leaf blower


i know this is a car forum but maybe yall can help. we have a weedeater featherlite fl 1500 leaf blower and im trying to get it running but i can only start it on full throttle and it will idle there for a while but when i try to move it up to half choke it bogs down and dies almost immediately. any suggestions on how to fix?

it wont start on half choke or no choke it only starts on full choke and itll just idle for a bit and die


also any sites would help to.


Your carburetor is probably completely gunked up, and/or the fuel in it has turned to varnish.

But aside from that - in general - the same rules apply as to cars - basic maintenance. How is the spark plug? Air filter? Exhaust screen? Give it very fresh fuel.

When I want to try to do the quick & dirty version of a carb cleanup I empty the fuel tank, put in Seafoam, disconnect the plug, and crank it over several times to get seafoam in the whole carb & cylinders. I then let it sit overnight, refill with fuel (probably 2cycle mix on the leafblower) and crank it up. It often works. Blowing tons of carb cleaner into the carb is also an option.


ill try the carb cleaner thanks and ill try fresh fuel to


would throttle body cleaner work? i cant find a can of carb cleanernor do i have change to get a can


Im sure TB cleaner would do the same job.


ok so i just take the air filter off and spray it in there right?


Spray the living heck out of it. Crank it. Spray the living heck out of it.


I had a similar problem with an Echo Leaf Blower. The fuel line was disintegrating near the carb. I discovered this after the removal of the engine cover. This occurred after NJ mandated E10 year round. I’m assuming the ethanol attacked the fuel line. I replaced the fuel line and the blower has been fine since.

Note, my Echo Weedwacker and a Craftsman lawnmower were not effected by E10.

Ed B.


ok ill look at the fuel line they look ok but the one that feeds fuel in seems darker than the other so ill look at it and see if i spot anything


Yep, check the fuel line in the tank and the fuel filter in the tank. It is starved for fuel, either because carb gummed up, air filter, fuel line filter, carb adjustment etc. If you need fuel line, for $2 at the local small engine repair, I got enough to replace mine that was all disintergrated.


ok i can do that when i dump the fuel in it out im not sure how long its been in there but it doesnt look to bad but ya im going to try fresh fuel and then ill look at the filter and if i can remove it ill spray it with the air hose. anything else?


First choice, old gas.
AND all of the above which is directly caused by and resultant from said old gas.
( and the cure to MY weedeater woes )

Add Staybil to your stored fuel, even the 2 cycle mix. AND remember or make yourself a sign to purge your tools & equipment before storing for the off seasons. ( chain saw, snowblower, atv, skidoo, motorcycle, generator, log splitter, cement mixer, etc ALL suffer the ill effects of old fuel. )


when i head back over there tomorrow i will empty the gas thats in there and blow out the filter then put throttle body cleaner in the carb thn put in new gas and see if it works?


Yep! Check the fuel line to the carb from the tank. This gets dried out, cracks, and starts sucking air. Eventually it’ll start leaking gas.

On my Weedeater there’s extra fuel hose stored in the tank. Cut off the bad section of hose at the carb, pull out a little more fuel hose and plug it into the carb.



ok ill look at it as well


i dumped the fuel and viola! the hose broke apart in the tank and the fuel filter fell off of the end of it.