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Ways to improve gas mileage?

Has anybody ever tried this out to see if it’s there is any validity to this claim or idea? Check out this link: http://www…op=nadavs. I really want to buy a Tahoe/Yukon but am concerned about the mpgs. Thanks!

Guys, don’t bother. This is another Water4gas query.

Sdlarcher, don’t send a nickel to these crooks.

The US government published the gas mileage of all cars and trucks on the internet. Improving mileage follows the laws of nature and physics; the less weigth, smaller engine, better combustion, and more streamlining, the better gas mileage.

The two vehicles you are looking at are some of the worst in these categories.

So, why are You even looking at a Tahoe, Yukon or reading junk science and fraudulant promotions???

US politicians and Walt Disney have repeatedly told us there is a free lunch somewhere. Stop living in a make-believe world. When buying a car you use facts; do not “wish upon a star”!

Everyone would like it to be true, which is what the SCAMMER’s use to collect money from the unsuspecting.

I thought I had found the sure way to increase the gasoline mileage. When the right front floorboard rusted through on my car, my wife put her feet down on the pavement and pedaled. Unfortunately, she now has to have foot surgery and with what I have to pay beyond our major medical, I’ve lost everything I’ve saved on gasoline.

There is no magic way to save money on gasoline except to keep your car maintained and practice good driving habits.

Why do you need a full size SUV? Can you get along with a smaller truck?

Ways to improve gas mileage?

  1. Don’t buy a Tahoe/Yukon.
  2. Drive a fuel-efficient vehicle.
  3. Drive slowly.
  4. Maintain your vehicle.

Any other ideas that sound too good to be ture are too good to be true. It’s that simple.

but what about the brick method? I’ve tried it and it works pretty good.
drill a hole in the floorboard underneath the gas pedal, put a brick(or block of wood if you’re cheap :stuck_out_tongue: ) and screw it in the hole you made in the floorboard, crawl underneath the car and use a nut to secure the bolt to the car and drive on happy.

As everyone else said-avoid scams and consider a different vehicle, if not just for mileage but for reliability and resale value. If you simply must have a larger SUV try a new Toyota 4Runner with a V6. A family member recently purchased one and it will manage a solid 22mpg on the highway. Resale and reliability are strong as well.

Consider a Yukon Hybrid.

Although I really can’t understand why anyone concerned about gas mileage would want an SUV. A car that gets poor mileage gets better mileage than an SUV that gets good mileage.