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Way to much oil in truck now issues help!

Ok like an idiot i forgot to take out old oil before i put new in.i drove for about 30 min white smoke begain to comeout the tail pipe not to thick but not thin neather. Than car begain to shake . loss of acceleration. So i got truck home released oil to proper level. Now car dont shake so bad acceleration now is slow to start but about 20 mile an hour it runs normal i was wondering if perhaps the oil in engine in places is shouldent be will burn off or will is continue to get worse like i said after i released excess oil it now only shakes at a stop or idle ans acceleration is now way better will it coninue to get better or no

When you overfill the crankcase severely, as you did, the crankshaft will beat the extra oil into an air filled froth, similar to meringue in a pie. This air filled oil cannot be properly pumped throughout the engine and so your engine is starved for lubrication. Basically what you did is just as bad as forgetting to refill the oil after you drain it. It is likely that your engine is now toast but you will have to perform a compression test to see what damage has occurred.

Ok thank you will do so … This happend three days ago and i need truck for commute to work. Ive noticed that it seems to getting better now in park very minimal shaking. Acceleration is better. So no chance it will work itself out.

It may be ok. That’s why I recommended the compression test. If the compression is good in all cylinders, it is not making strange noises, no longer smokes, and is running without unusual vibrations, then I would just keep driving it and try not to worry about any long-term damage.

Yes, you might have liquid oil in places that normally only see vapors. It may clear itself but possibly not. Like if a PCV hose is involved and has a low spot for oil to gather and not be extracted and burned. That much overfilled and frothing might not be the only issue. Depends on the lower volume of the engine and just how high the liquid oil came inside the engine. I knew a guy once that came to the US from middle east. He didn’t speak english very well at the time and misunderstood directions. When it said fill the engine, that’s what he did- to the top. The engine actually ran albeit not very well. It would barely stay running and he asked for help. That’s when we figured out what he had done. Surprising it even fired up to say the least. After draining it down and restoring the level, it smoked and barked about it but eventually recovered. At any rate, if it were mine I would drive on at this point and keep an eye on it.

I wouldn’t worry about doing a compression test. The fact that you were belching blue smoke means the rings, cylinder walls and pistons, if anything, were over lubricated. This was from the oil being thrown up from below onto the cylinder walls as it was being whipped up by the crankshaft. Also, if your oil PRESSURE light didn’t come on your bearings were being lubricated. After all, the oil pump picks up oil from the bottom of the oil pan where the oil was much less frothy. I would just drive on. The roughness should improve as the spark plug fouling clears up from driving.


Ok cool so it’s been three days I’ve been driving my car back and forth to my 9 to 5 job my question is I need to Uber actually have the extra money to get my car really inspected is it smart that I take my car out and Uber since I’ve been driving it for a few days and it’s at least been getting me back and forth to work with relatively no problems only a delayed start

The only harm over filling the engine with oil would be with fouling the spark plugs, since you have driven the vehicle for three days and it is not misfiring there should be no reason you cannot continue to drive it.

Ok cool its still ok with it still shaking while at a stop light or in park the acceleration it’s still kind of slow but way better than it was the first day that I noticed I overfilled the engine oil get it past 20 to 25 mph she runs normal