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Watts link

My mechanic says clunking sound in

rear is watts link. He suggests replace

both upper/lower link and bellcrank.

Since upper/lower links look like metal rods, do these need replacing ?

The links have rubber bushings in the ends. The bushings may not be available by themselves.

Make sure its not something else first, like a loose jack or spare tire.

Repair manual shows end of links with ballstuds similar to tie rod ends
which are pressed into bellcrank. If links are not bent/damaged, then I
don’t think replacement is necessary. Reduces my repair bill by $260.

What you should be doing is showing you the movement of a worn part while the PT is on a lift.
Don’t replace parts unless he can show you that they are in fact worn, and are causing the noise you are hearing.

And yes, make sure you empty out your car OF EVERYTHING and drive it around to see if the noise goes away.