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Creaking Toyota Camry ?front bushings and links?

Hello all, My 1998 Toyota Camry with about 157k creaks esp around turns and even more with adult rear seat passengers (not my in-laws my husband’s). When my dealership did a really expensive routine service on my car said the front links and bushings needed to be replaced, but after the amount they charged me I had no money left. Would fixing these fix my creaking? If not should I do replace them anyways? Thanks, Elise

Yes, it would likely fix the creaking.

The “links” are the sway bar links, which are basically short pieces of metal rod with ball joints on each end that connect the ends of the sway bars to a point on the suspension that moves with the wheel. The “bushings” are probably the sway bar bushings, which are rubber pieces inside the sway bar brakets that attach the bar to the chassis. Other bushings may be shot too, but these are perhaps the most common creakers.

You can try spraying these end-linke ball-joints and the bushing swith silicone lubricant. It might help.