Water pump

I drive a 1975 Chevy silverado with a 454 in it, and it needs a new water pump. However, simply looking at the pictures, I cannot tell if it is a short or long style pump. What is a good way to tell?

take it out,since it already leaks ,and walk it into the parts store,and they shall hook you up.


copy the vin # call gmc/chevy. ask them. make them tell you they type of pump. then go find one cheaper.

or you could take it apart as mentioned, but then you will be without wheels for a while as you look for it.

—and be sure to get a new gasket with the new pump. A lot of folks don’t look in the box before walking out of the parts stores and sometimes, gaskets “get lost”.

so, is it a C10, C20, or C30 pickup?