Taurus '94 water pump

It’s nice to be asking for help here without it’s being time-critical. (The “Chevy Tahoe dead in driveway” has left Whitehorse, YT, en route to Anchorage, AK. No more mechanical adventures yet. I’ll post back there when that trip is over.)

This Taurus has the common (I forget which size) 6 cyl engine. It threw the serpentine belt and the water pump pulley wiggles pretty freely (but does not come loose). Coolant reservoir and radiator look empty. Driver confirms that there was a lot of water under the car.

So, do I need anything more than a new water pump? And how big a job is that (flat-rate hours or dollars)? And should I go for a new or rebuilt pump? (I think I recall opinions here that water pump rebuilds are not reliable, and I had some bad luck with the TrakAuto pump I put into my '84 Chevy wagon several years ago.)

Thanks, again.

I beleive that all you need is the water pump and the serpentine depending on how old it is. Check the lower and upper radiatior hoses for condition and age. I know the lower hose cost about $35.00 where I live.

Replacement is not that hard, I did it myself on my son’s car. I put a new pump in it just in case I would not have to do it again.