Water pump went bad after only

My water pump was changed literally 2 years ago not more not even 2.5 years and it just went bad again. Is it even possible ? it was changed on a repair shop and they are not like some cheap discreet shop.

Water pump lasting 2 years doesn’t make any sense to me. 2005 Malibu LS 3.5liters.

Thank you everyone for any answers.

Just depends. I’ve had them go bad in a year. You always want brand new Oem or equivalent and the coolant should be changed too, but who knows why exactly?

I’ve had a couple of the new Chinese import water pumps fail out of the box. Considering the labor involved I would strongly consider the brand and reliability of that and any part.

Are you running the Dex Cool engine coolant? I ask because quite some years ago my son’s '96 Camaro with the 3.8 went through 3 water pumps in less than 2 years. The original and 2 aftermarket replacements.

I flushed the system out and got rid of the Dex Cool. It was replaced with green engine coolant and has not suffered another pump failure in 13 years and almost 140k miles.