Second water pump in 5 yrs

Replaced water pump & timing belt 5 yrs ago and 1997 Chrysler Concorde. Today the mechanic says it needs to be replaced again! Only 30K miles since then. Is this reasonable or could it be something else? As a single woman I wonder…Thanks

Is it leaking antifreeze? Was the water pump that was put in a rebuilt or new? Why did you go see the mechanic? How many miles in the last 5 years?

Where did the mechanic get the water pump? Was it new or reman? I’ve had too many problems with remans, and now only use new. Just not worth the hassle.

You must have had a problem to go to the mechanic so it’s probably the water pump. You could get a second opinion but it would just cost you more money. We need more info to make a final determination. I will tell you that remanufactured water pumps can fail in 5 hours or 5 weeks or 5 months. 5 Years on a remanufactured unit is pretty good if that is the case. A new water pump can fail in 5 years so it’s not unheard at all.

Yes, the car was leaking for a few days and I could not get it home as the temp was going higher to the H-red, so pulled into neighbors/friends driveway, popped the hood and steam poured out. Had the car towed to mechanic, will call him tomorrow to make sure it is new.
Only 30K miles in 5 yrs.

I am new to this, so I replied to the first response. The car had been leaking fluid for awhile, but last night I saw a lot more fluid on the ground before driving home. I didn’t make it, because of overheating and steam (knew I shouldn’t let it hit H or in the red zone and before the “idiot light” came on), so I pulled into a neighbor/friend’s house and left it until today to be towed to the mechanic. Sad that we have become such a disposable society that parts don’t last like they used too. Thanks the advice.

I applaud you for for your quick thinking. You would not believe how many people would drive on and do greater damage to their engines. Bravo!

Try not to think of it as your second one in five years, but you third in 13 years. Not really a bad record.

They dont make car parts like they used to, but then again they never did. five years on any perifferal part is not bad. A water pump is a simple device, but it has a weakness in the bearing and bearing seal. Excess tension on the fan belt can cause premature failure by stressing the bearing. I wouldn’t fret this one. You did the right thing by pulling over, and you saved yourself the cost of a new head gasket, possibly a cracked head or thrown rod. Pat yourself on the back for being smart, and pay the man, and give a prayer of thanks.

Dear all,
Thank you for your support and advice, I really appreciate it. The mechanic called and said they delivered a reman instead of new. I told him I was in no hurry to get the car back, and I wanted a new water pump. Should I replace the thermostat now? I think it was replaced 5 yrs. ago. Thanks, again. PS I also have a 2001 PT Cruiser (93K miles) and soon I will be interested a mid-size not expensive (over 40K) SUV Any suggestions?

I would replace the thermostat. Peace of mind is worth more than a few dollars to me. I like the new Honda Pilot. Check it out.