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Water pump replacement


Good agreement. It sounds like you’ve got a decent shop there.

I am not sure why he wouldn’t want to change the cam and crank seals but I would hate to have these parts start leaking a short time down the road. My gut tells me it is the water pump based on the location of the leak. I definitely agree with replacing anything in this general location based on how hard it is just to get to the area. If you do the water pump, now is also the time to do the timing belt and associated components.

He said if he finds it leaking he will change it but will not if its not leaking.

The car is in the shop. I noticed that the abs light is on but he brakes are working fine. I dont see anything wrong with the brakes. I told the mechanic its best to diagnose whats wrong with the car leak before putting any money into fixing ABS sensor.

Any of you know about ABS lights in quattrro audi a6, 1999

Yeah, it’s the standard stuff; typically it’s a wheel speed sensor. Shouldn’t be a big deal, but it should be looked at.

With The Proper Code Scanner One Should Be Able To Pull DTCs (codes) From The Car That Will Help Diagnose The ABS Problem. Some Regular Scanners/Readers Will Do Drive Train DTCs, But Not ABS Or Passive Restraints.


The ABS light goes on whenever the ABS system detects a fault. Anytime the ABS light is on, the ABS system is shut down and will not kick in if a wheel locks up on braking. The basic braking system will continue to function normally, however. Fault codes can be pulled to determine the correct fix.

mechanic tells me ABS module is kaput. sensors seem okay since input is alive. No output from module. Brakes are ok. so I am leaving it alone. dont want to spend more than what is required on this audio a6 quattro with 163K miles. There are problems galore on this fine car but one cannot keep fixing everything in old age. What do you all think?

That’s not a bad plan. I went without ABS when I had to replace my transmission with one that didn’t have a rear ABS sensor. Just remember that you don’t have ABS, and the wheels can lock up under slick conditions. Do you remember how to pump the brakes?