Water Pump on Lexus 2007 RX 350

I believe in preventive maintenance including changing the water pump and timing belt around 100,000. I have been told the engine has to be pulled on the 2007 RX 350 to make the change with a 24.5 hour suggested labor time. This model, I am told has a timing chain. Nowhere in the owner’s manual does it say anything about changing the water pump at any interval. Has Lexus built an engine with a water pump designed to last forever? At this point, I will wait for the pump to go out before paying for 24 hours labor on a $150 pump.

From the Gates site it looks like you have a timing chain. Does your manual say otherwise? If it does have a timing chain, I would not replace the water pump unless it’s needed

The timing chain operates the camshafts. The water pump is probably driven by the accessory belt.

I wouldn’t touch the pump unless it starts leaking.

The reason timing-belt-driven water pumps are replaced is because all the labor is in the belt replacement, and it’s just good sense to install a new pump at the same time.

This is not the case with your engine.

Drive on an forget about the water pump. It is not a maintenance item. It is changed with a timing belt since it is exposed and easy to change out.

Maybe it is absolute and sheer luck. But in ownership of vehicles over the last 20 yrs I have NEVER changed a water pump and owned them between the 150k-225k mark. Few of them had timing belts too (VW, Civic, Subaru).

The only water pumps I would consider changing early would be ones that use a plastic impeller to circulate the water.

Its been my experience that plastic impellers tens to harden, get brittle, and then come apart over time, usually in long life, or lifetime coolant.

If the Lexus has a plastic impeller, it might be worth considering to replace it, but maybe at a higher mileage.


Alldata says the water pump is an 11 hour job. It looks like the engine and transaxle have to come out. Definitely NOT a maintenance item unless you just happen to have the engine already removed.

The timing chain is about an 18 hour job. Also NOT a maintenance item.