2009 Lincoln MKS - water pump question

My 2009 Lincoln MKS has an internal (“infernal?”) water pump. I hear these can go at any time and they take the engine with them when they do. There is nothing in the Owner’s Manual regarding changing the water pump. The car has 142K miles. Usually I keep a car until the bitter end (like my 1996 Dodge Intrepid-256K miles), but this sounds unsafe to me. Can this be correct? Or is this the answer to “how stupid can Ford be?”. Thanks.

The water pump should be replaced when the timing belt is replaced according to the schedule.

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So has the timing belt been replaced yet? If it has not, I think you are way overdue. Change the water pump and the timing belt together now. Then you can sleep easier.

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The labor guide shows 9.3 hours to replace that water pump.
You can pay about $2000 to replace the water pump, chain and guides or hope that the water pump lasts 20 years.

I know the engine comes out when you replace the water pump and the timing chain. The total cost is around $2K, but, as I said, neither the water pump nor the timing chain is mentioned in the Owner’s Manual under Scheduled Maintenance. But, sounds like something that needs to be done ASAP. Thanks.

Just An Update: I contacted my old mechanic (I moved about 4 years and 40K ago). Back when I hit the granddaddy of all potholes, even bigger than Archbold’s (see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Archbald_Pothole_State_Park) , he replaced the water pump and the timing chain along with the struts, anti-sway bar and whatever else I had destroyed. So, all’s well that ends well.
Needless to say, I will not be owning this car when 200K comes around. Thanks.

A pothole resulted in the timing chain to be damaged?

If the pump goes you will get a temp warning. I would save the 2k and pull over asap when the temp goes sky high and drive it till then, then evaluate weather it is worth the cost of repair. Edit I looked into it a little, wow!

“Yes that engines water pump is an issue. We have been seeing a lot of them come in for water pump failures. It will leak out at the weeping hole located by pipe which feeds into the back side of the timing chain cover below lower intake. It will fill the crank case with antifreeze. Antifreeze will destroy your engine bearings very quick.”
Maybe pre emptive is better.