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Water pump 1979 Toyota Celica

The water pump in my 1979 Celica has a pulley that is wobbling. It’s original, 240k miles- doesn’t owe me anything. Replacement is straightforward, except I don’t find torque specifications. Is 10 ft/lbs or so safe?

I understand I should flush the system out with the old pump in place with the engine ON. Wouldn’t this introduce MORE contaminants in the coolant (with the potential of trapping small pieces in the radiator)? Or should I just drain & refill?

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I wouldn’t do a flush. I would just drain (before you take the old pump out) & refill (after putting the new water pump in).

I don’t know what the torque specifications are, but when I replaced the water pump on my old Town & Country I just tightened the bolts until they were snug then gave an extra quarter to half turn and it didn’t leak again before I got rid of it

Thanks! I have 10,000 miles or so on the coolant (Toyota Red), but I wouldn’t dare reuse it.

Unless you diluted it too much while the pump was leaking, I think it’s safe to keeping using it. If you’re worried about particles in it, strain it through a T shirt and then a coffee filter. Left sitting, the particles will be in the very bottom of the container, anyway.

The pump wasn’t leaking at all. Not yet, at least. But the pulley was wobbling enough to make contact with the timing chain cover. Scared me into thinking I had a bad con rod or something.

Anyway, I got the new pump today. The instructions from Aisin state: “Do not stand near the fan while the engine is running unless you will get injured” So, I guess it’s OK to stand near the fan if I already was injured? LOL!!! I love those translations


My second car was a '79 Celica Supra. LOVED it.

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Those translations drive me nuts, but at least they’re amusing every now and then :slight_smile:

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