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Water noise what is it

i have a 93 taurus and notice only one or two stop and accelerates in the morning rushing water sound, then after the second accelerate it’s almost no noise again the rest of the day. what night it be?

This is a common problem with air getting trapped in the heater core under the dash. It sounds like the air is getting purged after the second acceleration, and then probably returns when the car cools down. Try running the car with the heater on full, and see if you can purge the air out completely.

Thank you, I’ll try it. cb

You may have a very small leak in the heater core that lets air in when the engine cools off. A very small one won’t let much water out, so you may not have low coolant yet. If it is a leak, it will get bigger and you will have to deal with it. I had exactly this problem and symptom.