Water leak


Mercedes has a slight internal water leak is there any stop leak product that I can use to stop the leak? Please help.



As I stated in your last post:

Do not use stop leak!! It will not help and could plug your cooling system. If your mechanic cannot verify the leak is from a head gasket find a new mechanic. If it is in fact a head gasket / head problem get it repaired correctly. I understand this job will not be cheap but it will cost more in the long run if you do not fix it properly NOW!


What is leaking? Something inside the cabin, maybe a sun roof or a door seal or a blocked condensation drain…

Something outside, may be coolant or wiper fluid. Make sure what it is first.

If Michael is right and you are talking about a coolant leak, don't use [b]leak stop[/b] it can cause far more trouble.


I think you should spend a few more lines and explain your problem. As Joseph points out, a water leak could really be anything, and it is impossible to give you any advice unless you give us a little more to go on.

However, if this is all you know about your problem, you should take the car to a mechanic instead.


For those posters that are interested here is the OP’s post from a couple days ago.

water leak
mercedes has water leaking thru what my mechanic believes is a warped head due to overheating. Would this be a place where I could try one of the stop leak products? Of so, which one would you recomend?
Posted by: jonnybgood