Water leak in 2002 Honda Accord


I have water running in on the passenger side under the glove compartment. When in a right hand curve the water poors also on the drivers LEFT foot. The leak happens only when driving. If the car is parked, even in a heavy downpoor there is no water leak. Where is the problem?


Smell it…does it smell sweet. It so then it’s antifreeze…it’s the heater core.


Hopefully it does not smell sweet. It may be condensation from the A/C (likely will smell a little musty) or maybe some water due to a blocked drain from the air intake (the vents right in front of the windscreen. The condensation usually drains via a small rubber hose that comes out under the car in front of where the passenger puts their feet. A little (I do mean little) compressed air can usually clear it. Too much may knock the hose off the other end and make for more problems. The same sort of thing may unclog a blocked drain from the air intake as well.


Than you very much for the response. No, there is no smell, it is clear rain water, looks like it is coming straight through somewhere. Immediately stops if the rain stops.


If it is condensation would I see a constant leak every time the AC is running? This leakage only happens when it is raining. I will try to find the rubber tube and follow your recommendation. Thanks