Water leak and blower problem

Suddenly a pool of water on the right passenger side and the heater blower not blowing air strongly, altho it sounds like it is. The circulation button (to recirculate the air) worked momentarily and the fan worked fine. Then recirculation stopped (for some unknown reason) and would not engage. So, outside air continued, but w/ decreased blower performance

I would start by making sure the drain for the condensation from the A/C is open and draining properly.  That might take care of everything, directly or indirectly. 

Now about that REcirculate button. When on it means no or little outside air is coming through the system. That means there is no place for the moisture in your car to get out and you end up with more moisture in the air.

I suggest leaving the air in the regular setting (not re-curculate) and checking that drain as soon as possible. The drain usually comes out under the car about where the passenger’s feet would normally be. You can have it done or you can try it yourself carefully using some garden string trimmer line carefully to unclog the drain.

Thanks, I’ll give it try. I’m a bit fuzzy on why the block drain would affect the outside air intake, tho.