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Water in volvo Transmission

I have a 1991 Volvo 240 with an automatic transmission 133k miles. I found water in the transmission so the fluid went from Red to grey colored. I stopped driving it & bought a transmission radiator. I started draining the tranny but now it wont go into gear reverse too NG

Water and antifreeze destroys tranny clutch friction material. Tranny is probably dead.

Draining the transmission only removes about 30% of the total fluid in the transmission.

The rest is held within the torque converter and valve body.

So, there’s still coolant in the transmission, which has probably destroyed the transmission.


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the radiator only had water no antifreeze where can I get a DVD to guide me to rebuild the tranny I realize of course I will have to replace the converter

Even with a DVD if such a thing exits rebuilding a transmission is not really a do it your self project . Just find an independent transmission shop and let them solve this plus you will have some kind of warranty on the work.

That isn’t wise…

I don’t know where you can get a DVD that would guide you through it, maybe YouTube could help. I would also obtain a copy of the factory service manual too

Unless the OP is a very skilled mechanic, I would not recommend that he attempts rebuilding his transmission.

There are “transmission overall kits” for your car that run in the range of $250-$400. They contains the “soft” parts which are the non-metal parts that take a lot of wear-n-tear. It’s possible that’s all you would need.

The concern is how would you know if replacing the soft parts is all you need. It’s possible other parts need to be replaced as well. Several online transmission sites do sell repair manuals for rebuilding your transmission.

Is there a way you can get a mentor to be available to look over your shoulder or to answer your questions? I ask that because there’s always the chance you put it all back together and the transmission doesn’t work, and you won’t know why.

We don’t know if this 30 year old car needs to be dependable transportation for you, or what your available time and money are.

If I were in your shoes and could get guidance from someone, and had the time and money, then I’d definitely try to rebuild it myself.

All the best in whatever you decide.

I have rebuilt chrysler 904 & 727 transmissions & have rebuilt chevy gear boxes & replaced a few clutches over the last 40 years. I plan on replacing the converter anyhow. I will have to first study the video & then decide if I want to venture into this. Thanks for the reply its much appreciated

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