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Water in Transmission

Long story short is that my radiator malfunctioned and mixed transmission and coolant. I took it to a shop and they did a flush of both the radiator and transmission after putting in a brand new radiator. I drove it home and it has sat for a week. I popped the hood today and there is a little pit of pink transmission in the radiator no big deal but the transmission dip stick is thick and pink so I know there is water still in the transmission. I have already concluded I will need a new transmission and was curious what will I need to have replaced? Just the clutch, the entire transmission, or something else? Also would it be cheaper to have it overhauled or find a rebuilt transmission and pay to have it swapped? I understand quite a bit about cars but when it comes to transmission I have not knowledge.

The transmission will need to be torn down, vatted and completely rebuilt from the ground up. Engine coolant will kill an automatic transmission.


Sorry about your transmission. I think this shows that a transmission flush doesn’t get rid of all the old fluid in your transmission as is claimed.