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Water collecting on top of 2000 ehco

We have a 2000 Toyota Echo and am having a recurring problem, I hope you can help! I have had no luck with the dealership or other mechanic’s. We don’t drive it a whole lot maybe once or twice a week, we usually take my truck. I continually find water standing on top of the engine where the coils and plugs are (it is water not coolant) and the water finds its way into #1 cylinder. I have replaced the gasket on the engine compartment, checked the drain hose from the ac, I even put a little gasket material on the metal cover that covers the top where the coils are. Any Ideas where the water is coming from and how do I stop it before I buy new coils and plugs?

Use a garden hose to run water over the windshield and wiper area to discover where the water is getting in…Perhaps there is a missing splash guard under the car allowing water to splash into the engine compartment…