Warranty repair vs regular repair

I have a 2002 Subaru Forester, and it was recently determined that I needed new front axles at an estimate of $719. I agreed to this, and as I was about to leave, my mechanic realized that I still had a couple of days left on my warranty, which would mean that the work would be done for $50. Sounded good to me! Then, looking a little uncomfortable, he told me that Subaru would probably just want to replace the c/v boots, clamps and axle nuts, rather than the axles themselves. I gave him a look, and he said “But if you really need the axles replaced, Subaru will do that.” Well, they replaced the c/v boots, clamps and axle nuts. The car seems fine, but that little exchange has me uneasy. Were they ready to rip me off by replacing the front axles without considering the less expensive way to go, or did Subaru only authorize a less expensive fix that may cost me down the road, or is there some other explanation? I would love to get an answer to this! Bonnie

Conflicting: The same mechanic that wanted to replace the axels(the expensive way) was the same mechanic who brought to your attention that you were still in warranty (put himself in the position to loose the whole job)If they were going to rip you off in any way or amount why would they tell you about your warranty.Now if it was you that figured out that you still had warranty things would be different. I think the fact that the mechanic pointed out the possibilty of warranty says alot in regards to his honesty. If all that was wrong was torn boots (with no damage to the CV joint) there was no need to replace the axel. Yes Subaru did the job the less expensive way but it caused you no loss. Unless you wanted new axels just to have new axels at Subaru’s expense,things dont work that way with warranty,the complete axel replacement must be justified or warranty will fix the concern the cheapest way