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Warranty on used vehicle?

I just bought an 05 Honda Odyssey EX with 75k on it. I also got talked into the 3yr/36K warranty. Is it a good decision, it mainly covers only defective part type issues, also seals and gaskets type items. I would think anything electronic that would be covered would have maybe already gone bad. It was $1800 for the warranty.



…and your question is…?

It’s “spent money” now. No sense worrying about if it was a good decision or not. Time will tell the answer with certainty.

Enjoy your new ride.

Real neighborly.

The question is obviously “was that a good idea”?

Welcome to the board, avmech.

If the warranty will cover a transmission that goes bad, it might turn out to be a good decision for you.

Something tells me you overpaid by $2000 for this “warranty”

Please Tell Who The Warranty Underwriter Is. Is This A Honda Factory Extended Warranty Or An Aftermarket Warranty ? Which Aftermarket Warranty ?

How long do you have (how many days ?) to cancel it and get a refund ? How long ago did you purchase the car ?

If you can’t get out of it then there’s nothing to do about it now. Many aftermarket warranties are very cleverly devised so that almost whatever goes wrong, the warranty doesn’t cover it. Factory warranties are usually much more inclusive and although expensive can actually cover you.

Does the policy cover diagnosis and is there a deductible ?


Many aftermarket warranties are very cleverly devised so that almost whatever
goes wrong, the warranty doesn’t cover it.

CSA raises a very valuable point. Too many owners discover when it’s too late (after they bought the warranty) that the carefully worded contract lets the company off the hook for many of the common expensive repairs.

Also, many of the companies behind the warranty go out of business. Thousands of people have been cheated by these companies. They take your money then go “bankrupt.” Or they just don’t cover whatever goes wrong.

The 05 Odyssey is very reliable - try to get your money back.

You should have asked this question before you bought the “warranty” and you should have kept your money in the bank.

Some really SMART folks on here I see. It doesnt say Honda on the actual paperwork but it was through an actual Honda dealership, and yes I have time to get a refund on it. That is what I am most afraid of is the small print, oh yeah thats not covered kind of thing. I was just hoping for some input from others who may have purchased and where glad they had or the opposite.

Do You Wish To Name The Warranty Provider ? It Would Be Interesting To Look At Their Web Page.


Have you read it?

Try Some Searches On The Warranty.

Here’s a link to one person’s personal experience with aftermarket warranties.


I don’t care if it’s aftermarket or manufacturer…extended warranties are NOT worth it. They are just a very expensive insurance policy. Also…$2000 for only 36k miles…that’s absurd.

Read the warranty thoroughly to see what is covered. Just be aware that wear-and-tear is usually not covered. It is possible that you could be accused of abusing the car and causing premature failure. The abuse would apply to whatever the prior owner did to the van, too. But the dealer has no idea who abused it, and you are the one that might make the claim. The warranty should identify the seller somewhere in the paperwork.

Extended warranties are usually not worth the cost since the warrantor makes money in the long run, and he pays the dealer to sell it for him. You might have made a smart decision, but you won’t know until something either breaks or the warranty expires.

Somewhere on the paperwork it has to say who issued the warranty. Take a look and let us know.