Warranty extensions

1996 Chevy S-10, 2.2L, 87K miles

I was doing a periodic inspection underneath the truck recently, and the only thing I noticed was a very small coating of transmission fluid underneath the transmission. Definitely trans fluid and not oil, as it was clearly red. It’s not even enough of a drip to leave any spots on the ground…when I say a small coating, I really mean small. Repeated checks of the trans dipstick don’t show any detectable loss of fluid.

The transmission was rebuilt 8K miles ago at a local independent trans shop that I’ve dealt with for years, and have always had good quality work done by them. The job came with a 1yr/12K warranty and I plan to take it to them on Thursday to see what’s causing this.

Is it reasonable (and worth my time) to request that the warranty be extended? The unit performs beautifully and these guys are the best around, but if they’re having to correct something so soon I have to wonder if there might be other things a bit later on. I won’t lose any sleep if they don’t go for it, but is it worth the effort?

I would ask them to replace the transmission pan seal. Extending the warranty really isn’t the solution. It is better if they do it now before it starts leaking.

I always ask,what action would you take if you had to pay for it,meaning your preventavive action would be up to you to pay for,would this affect your decision.

Why could you not get a 3yr 36,000 on the rebuild? Was it not brought up to “as new” condition?

Could this be a incidience of transmission case porosity?

I don’t think it would affect my decision if I had to pay for it, unless it’d completely kill my bank account.

The shop is ATRA (Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Assc.) certified, and this is a standard 1yr/12K warranty form for an ATRA certified shop. That’s just what they give with these, and I’m okay with that.

I don’t think it’s a porous trans case; from what I could tell the little bit of fluid was coming from where the trans meets the engine. Hopefully it’s just a seal of some sort.

I’m certainly not going to make any noise at these guys in any event; their customer service is simply too good for that. I was just thinking of asking something along the lines of, “Is there anything to worry about with this little thing rearing its head?” That’s all.