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Warranties and modifications

ok, so if you get a new car and purchase the 3 year warranty and then you want to do things such as lower the car - does this void a warranty?

Yes, it could. Consult the owners manual for warranty information.

Most likely, yes. Read the fine print. The warranty covers the car as it was delivered from the factory. Modify it at your own risk.

There are some cars that can be modified with FACTORY parts and still have an intact warranty, but they are few and far between.

You will also reduce the resale or trade-in value of a car if you modify it.

Make this one more vote for “modification” of the car as a likely cause for warranty coverage denial in some situations. As was said, the use of “factory” modification parts is considered to be OK, but I would also suggest having those parts installed at the dealership so that they cannot later claim that faulty workmanship in the course of installation caused a mechanical or electronic problem.

No modification can void the entire warranty. However if they attribute failure of a component to your modication they deny on a case by case basis.

There’s a difference between the manufacturer that comes with the car and the 3 year extended warranty. Not all are the same.

First off…skip the extended warranty. It’s nothing but a very very very expensive insurance policy.

Second…Lowering a car if NOT done properly can cause some stress on the suspension system. If one of those components break…I’d be very surprised if it’ll be covered under warrenty.

Even factory parts for modification need to have been installed at the dealers shop to not void the warranty.

In truth, the warranty should only be invalid for problems that the modification caused, however in real life modifications place the burden of proof on the consumer.