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Warming my car up

That settles it… I’m warming my car up!! :scream:

When it gets to -40…MOVE. I’ll be in the 14 Highlander ahead of you on 93S.

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LOL, been at -40F… never again!
I doubt if either of us would be conscientiously complying with the speed limit!!!

Just make sure the car’s locked while it’s warming up:

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A trivia tidbit most of us probably know is that -40F and -40C are the same temperature.

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@texases You beat me to it!

It’s nuts to leave a running car unlocked in Roseville, or just about any Michigan city but it shouldn’t be illegal.

LOL, nice catch Sarge! I forgot about that entirely. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Lived places where we hoped it would get up to 0 degrees. Not sure which I dislike more, 20 below or 120 degrees.

The news yesterday had that guy texases referred to that got a ticket for warming his car up in the driveway. According to the news, where he lives there’s a local ordinance against it. They showed the guy’s driveway on TV and it’s a single family home in a middle class neighborthood. Nothing particularly offensive or risky about it.
If I were a cop I’d be humiliated to go to court and try to defend having given this guy a ticket… and the recipient IS fighting the ticket.

Reminds me of how times change. Everybody recall the Disney movie “The Shaggy Dog”. In the opening sequence of that 1960’s movie , takes place like you say in a house in an upper middle class neighborhood. The scientifically inclined kid of the house builds a good sized rocket in the basement and accidentally blasts it off. The rocket goes straight through three floors and out the roof! And nobody in the neighborhood even seems to take notice, certainly nobody gets a police visit or a ticket … lol …

These days, if a kid builds a rocket in the basement NSA will be planting bugs on the family phone … lol … And the other “how times change” thing about this movie, the homeowner of this 3 story home has a wife and two kids and is employed as a mailman. What mailman with a family these days can afford a 3 story home? Times do indeed change.

Don’t even know how many events in my childhood would have gotten me or my parents arrested these days. I had a friend with a pellet rifle, and me with a bb gun, in the back woods, someone called the police, parents called as we got hauled in, lost my bb gun as folks said no he does not want it back, can never forget driver training with my mom, I missed a stop sign, she said pull over and wait for the police, they did not come after 10 minutes so we drove on, but she was sure any infraction would not go unnoticed. McCarthy era paranoia I suppose.

I suspected a heavy handed municipal ordinance since the car was in the owner’s driveway. This is my state’s law.
Failure to secure motor vehicle
(1) A person commits the offense of failure to secure a motor vehicle if the person is driving or is in charge of a motor vehicle and:
(a) The person permits the vehicle to stand unattended on a highway without first doing all of the following:
(A) Stopping the engine.
(B) Turning the front wheels to the curb or side of the highway when standing upon any grade.
© Locking the ignition.
(D) Removing the key from the ignition.
(E) Effectively setting the brake on the vehicle.
(b) The person is the owner of an unattended motor vehicle parked on a highway in violation of paragraph (a) of this subsection.

The definition of ‘highway’ is: State, Federal, or Interstate which are under state DOT jurisdiction.

Well, I choose the cold. You can always put more clothes on to stay warm but there’s only so many you can take off (before you’ll see something that can’t be unseen… :smile:)

I don’t mind temperatures below zero as long as the sun is shining.
@sgtrock21. I use the fact that -40 C = - 40 F to convert from one scale to another. I can always remember these formulas:

C = (F + 40) x 5/9 - 40

F = (C + 40) x 9/5 - 40

The ratio comes from the fact that the difference between the freezing point of water and the boiling point on the F scale is 212 - 32 = 180 and on the C scale is 100 - 0 = 100. 100/180 = 5/9 and 180/100= 9/5. If you are going from Farenheit to Celsius you are shrinking the scale. If you are going from Celcius to Farenheit you are expanding the scale. Take the initial temperature and add 40. Depending on the direction you are converting the temperature, multiply by either 5/9 or 9/5 then subtract 40 from the result.

when it is below freezing, I warm the car up. I think the car runs better, but I know that I run better if the car warmed up.