Warm vent, cool heat

On my 1998 Ford Taurus se stationwagon I have a issue with heating the car. Once the engine is warm I can turn on my vent and put the dial over to warm and I get pretty fair warm air. However, if I turn over to the heater, the air become less warm, almost “coolish”. What is wrong? Why do I get warm air from the vent, but cooler air from the heater?

Do I understand this correctly?
You set the airflow to the dash vents and get hot air out of the dash vents.
You set the airflow to the floor vents and only get slightly warm air out of the floor vents.
Is this your complaint? Or is it that you don’t get warm air (or any air) out of the dash vents when you set the airflow to the floor vents?

After my car is warmed up, I will turn on my vent with the temp gauge on warm and I will get warm air out the vents. If I turn my control over to the heater setting the air then becomes much cooler. How can I get warmish air when the vent is on, but cooler air when the heat is on? All the vents send out air, it is just warmer when on vent then on “heat”.

The “vent” position should send out air to only the dash registers. If it is sending it everywhere, then you have a problem with the climate control.

Yes it is just coming out the dash vents, but the air is warm, the air that comes out when I switch over to the heat the air is not as warm, in fact kinda cool. I am wondering why it is warm when on vent, but cool when on “Heat”.