Performance Chip



Is it worth installing a performance chip in a 1992 Jeep Wrangler Renegade with a 4.0l HO engine with a 5 speed manual tranny?


What’s your goal? The chip may improve top end power, but will make fuel economy suffer. Sometimes the fuel economy suffers more than it is worth.


Maybe if it was to go in a Toyota. It’s not worth the effort or the money.


There are many worthless ‘chips’ out there, $60 and a couple of wires. If they’re making outrageous claims (50% more horsepower and 20% better milage!!!), it’s obviously worthless.


That old Rambler Motor is not going to perform much better than it already is. Save your money and don’t try to teach an old dog new tricks…


It gets bad enough fuel mileage as it is now. If it’s just for top end power it isn’t worth it. Thanks for your help.


With the sudden acceleration problem they have Toyotas don’t need one! They need a Brembo brake chip!


I hear ya talkin’.


No, it is not worth it. That '92 has a relatively unsophisticated system, and the best a chip could hope for is to offer a bit more injector pulsewidth for a given oxygen sensor signal. It’ll have no control over spark timing. On that engine, with that vehicle, the only difference you might notice is a drop in mileage.