Want those hazy yellow headlights cleaned in seconds? Cheap and easy! Few minutes!

Forget those Kits, forget the sanding, forget the polishes. This Works and works quick!

I found out that Silicone spray (ya, the lubricant) sprayed onto a rag (soaked, really soak it, it evaporates very quickly) and rubbed in circular NON STOP motions on the headlamp lens removes ALL the yellow grunge from the headlamps.

Soak the rag, contact the lens with the soaked rag and rub in circles, DO NOT STOP or you’ll haze the lens. This will remove ALL of the yellow oxidized plastic quickly and easily. Takes about 30 seconds to 1 minute per headlight lens.


That’s interesting

But what do you do to protect the lenses afterwards?

Don’t need to, they stay clean for a few more years. Then if they fog again, over time, you clean them again. There are some protectants, UV etc. that you could apply, but I’m like why? This is too easy to worry about them hazing anytime soon… Seriously, this takes like 30 seconds per lens!

You’ll be amazed!

I’ve done this several times in the past (after grasping in a futile way at other straws) and it never lasted. The hazy proof is in my driveway right now. :slight_smile:

Interesting but mine never yellow. When I wax the cars I polish all the plastic lenses with Plastix and never have a problem.

It’s probably the SOLVENT in the silicone spray that is removing the discoloration…That’s why if you stop polishing before it drys, the lens fogs…There are products on the market that are easier to use and work well made just for this purpose…


I used the Sylvania system on my lenses last year. I followed the instructions perfectly and the lenses initially looked great. Unfortunately, the clear coat from the kit is now starting to peel off.

Just a heads up

The only way to fix hazy yellow headlights is to buy new lenses. Glass lenses if you can get them because they can last nearly forever.

Hazy yellow headlights can be fixed long-term, but not with silicone spray. All you need is a headlight polishing kit. Don’t use it with a drill, just use the sand paper in the order specified in the instructions, but manually sand it in linear strokes. When you get down to the polish stage, polish it with the drill attachment, but by hand, again with linear strokes.

Finish it off by applying a coat of paste carnauba wax. Reapply the wax whenever you wax your car.


My 1994 Tercel and My mom’s 1999 Benz both have glass lenses

My 2005 Camry and my brother’s 2008 Highlander both have plastic lenses . . . no glass available

Some improvement . . .

Replacement headlight assemblies for my car can be had for $80 a pair (bulbs included), between unboxing the new ones, taking out the old one, installing the new ones and throwing the old ones in the garbage can, a total of about 5 minutes elapses. I just do that every 5 years or so.

I have found that Rain-X removes the yellow, but it does not polish the plastic. Just getting the yellow out seems to help.

I’ve noticed during neighborhood walks newer econobox Toyotas seem to have this problem more than newer econobox Hondas. Anybody else notice this? If so, care to speculate on a reason?


I think the reason is simple:

Toyota’s legendary quality is slipping

My 2005 Camry’s headliner is starting to come down. I’ve noticed that it’s a common problem on Corollas and Camrys from early to late-2000s. My 1995 Corolla had a perfect headliner when I got rid of it last year.

If you use an electric drill to sand and/or polish, learn from my mistake. Mask the area around the light with something sturdy like milk jug plastic. When you slip, the car’s paint is protected.