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Walmart auto center HELP!

So I traveled to Denver from Kansas City and I decided to stop in to Walmart to get my two back tires replaced for my drive home and they finished everything in 13 minutes. Whenever I went to pay they told me I needed to check my back suspension and take it to a mechAnic and told me to sign a paper saying they informed me. I did and got into my car . When I got onto the highway my car started to fishtail and I felt like I was going to lose control. Turns out the bushing is broken and the arm is bad. I checked my receipt and my copy of the waiver stated I refused to sign it which I did and they failed to tell me it was dangerous to drive 600 miles home in my car! What should I do? Could they have messed up my suspension rushing through my tire change and putting it up on a lift? Mind you I had no problems driving it 600 miles to Denver should I pursue making them accountable for breaking it?

What kind of car do you have? What year is it? How many miles does it have? Do you see a lot of rust underneath?

Agreed. You need to provide some information about the car.

Just a theory, but maybe the worn rear tires were caused by an issue with a rear trailing arm that decided to become catastrophic once the vehicle was raised off the ground to install the new tires.


It’s possible they lifted the car improperly and damaged the suspension. Proving it is the problem.

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2004 Saturn ion180K

i had 1 saturn where the rear trailing arm mount rusted thru. perhaps the shop used that mounting point to lift the car as it is quite strong. very common to see the subframe attachment points show rusting issues on many newer 2000+ cars.

If rust is indeed the problem with this car then the car should probably be scrapped and never have had new tires put on it to begin with.

You say they failed to tell you it was dangerous to drive. It seems to me they did when they asked you to sign the waiver…and which you refused to do.