VW Taureg check engine light

VW dealer clains it’s the catalytic converter and costs $2000 to “drop” the engine and repair. Sounds crazy to me. No degradation in vehicle performance at 80K miles.Any thoughta appreciated. Thanks.

Just turned off and on the above Toureg - no chekc engine light.

You are close to having those converters under warranty. Check that out first.

Second you can have most error codes read by other than a VW Dealer. Some auto part stores will do it for free (try Autozone or Advanced Auto Parts) Codes may be stored even if the light is off.

Note: some VW codes require a VAGCOM to read them, but they are not restricted to dealers. If you do need a converter and if it is not covered under warranty, then save money and have it replaced with a generic brand unit by an independent mechanic.

On that vehicle it is necessary to remove the engine in order to access the catalytic converter??

If the cat does indeed need to be replaced, I would suggest that you verify from another source that it is necessary to remove the engine. If not, the dealership’s service department is run by charlatans. If this is true, you have given me reason #1,001 for not buying a VW.

I agree with this, it would be good to know what the code is and what followup diagnosis was performed.