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VW Scirocco DPF light/engine management light

Hey, my cars DPF light came one after one of my EGT sensors became faulty and i continued to drive the car, eventually resulting in the car going into limp mode. I took the car to a garage and got the sensor changed and they also used some DPF cleaner and put the car through a few forced regenerations for the DPF, eventually leading to 0g of soot build up in the DPF, however the DPF light and engine management light will not go out, and the car is still in limp mode. All sensors are working as they had it on a live feed to show they are all doing what they are meant to and as there is no longer any soot build up i dont understand why the warning lights and limp mode wont go out, any suggestions?


I read that article too. But I think his mechanics are missing something else for it still to be in limp mode.

There may be a “reset” procedure that needs to be done either using a VW scan tool, or some other way of VW’s choosing. I have no VW diesel experience so just guessing. If you post the model year folks here might be able to offer something more concrete. If you feel lucky you could try disconnecting the battery overnight, if the only problem remaining is the “reset”, that might work.