VW Routan 2011 car battery drained to zero

I have car battery drained to zero …
It started with having battery light on (in and out), and, in a few days, I could not start the engine any longer … at the store parking lot … :slight_smile:
AAA brought the car to a mechanic, they could not start it in any possible way, suggesting there might be a short circuit …
Mechanic made me to replace alternator, and TIMP (with refurbished version from ebay … it cost me … :frowning:
The car started eventually, and, I was able to leave the mechamnics parkong lot …
On my way home, though, in just few minutes driving, battery dashboard light got litten up again :frowning:
I reached home hoping not to get stuck in the middle …
Next day, I did some testing … started the engine for a about 30 minutes while parked, the light stayed off …
Next, I decided to do a test drive, and in a few minutes driving, the light litten up again …
So, it most probably tells me that the issue could well still be there …
Something might still be draining the battery :frowning:
Looking forward for any tips … recommendations guys
Thanks a lot

Probably alternator or battery?

Is the battery even any good?

Has it been tested?

Has it been charged?

Did anybody bother performing a parasitic draw test?


I think you need a much better mechanic than the shop AAA took you to.

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Sounds like you have a new alternator. So mark that off the list.

What’s the condition of the battery? How old is it?

And sorry you replaced the “TIMP”. I would assume that’s something like “the computer”. Generally speaking, when a mechanic starts blaming the car’s “computer”…he doesn’t have any idea what’s wrong.

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It’s actually TIPM (totally integrated power module). It’s essentially a fuse and relay block with a number of logic circuits.

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First have your battery tested.
2011 VW Routan was built by Chrysler with the same parts as any other Chrysler cars at that time. Chrysler issued a recall for the TIMP. one of the reasons was it was keeping the fuel pump running even after the vehicle was shut off. and it would drain the battery like yours. VW wont honor that recall and Chrysler will tell you to talk to VW.
The TIMP you got might be defective or need a software update or a relearn.
If you search the internet there is a supposed temporary work around. some say it has been working for 3 years so far.

Thank you for the response guys …
Forgot to mention, the battary is brand new now …
So, I have new battery, new alternator, and “new” refurbished TIMP …
I guess, refurbished TIMP could still have an issue, and if I can keep changing them I could get lucky … :slight_smile:
Also, should I invite someone to ring … check on the existence of short circuit ? They do have this not that expensive service available … just wondering if there is wire crossed somewhere ?
if this type of service should be able to identify, anyone used it … ?

I’m not sure why you keep mentioning “short circuit”

The correct terminology is parasitic draw

Any competent mechanic with a digital multimeter should be able to determine how much parasitic draw your car has

After all the various modules have gone to sleep, 50 milliamps is the maximum allowable