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Electrical Drain

Ive got a 2001 Galant and the battery died. I replaced the alternator thinking that was the issue but its still reading the same on the multimeter. I took the old one and the part store tested it and they said the old one was fine. Anyone have any ideas of what I can try next to see why its draining? It is a race car so there is no radio or lights or anything like that. If you have an idea please explain in details how to check it or give me a link as I am new to repairs…usually my mechanics do it but I am trying to learn myself. Thanks for the help in advance.

If this is truly a race car and you are running it on a short track. I would get rid of the alternator all together. You could start it with a jump box and run the race with the battery. then remove and charge the batt. You will have a faster car. I have a few friends that run on a short track and none of them use an alternator, if they have more than one race a night they bring an extra batt just incase.

just my 2 cents.

It is a race car just a 4 cylinder and we race about 20 laps. The problem is I ran 4 or 5 warm up laps and the battery was dead when I went into the pits. The only other driving I did was loading it and unloading it on the trailer so I dont know if there is a drain in it somewhere else.

If the battery was dead after 4 or 5 laps either your battery is fried, or you have a connection issue for the battery, or you need a new voltage regulator or I suppose there is also the possibility of a direct short stealing all the amps that should go to the battery, wow that was not as helpful as I had hoped.

You can run a race car with a mechanical fuel pump a long time, but and electrical fuel pump will drain a battery quickly. To see if you have a parasitic drain, remove the ground cable end at the battery and put a 12 volt test light between the cable and the post. If anything is drawing power it will light the test light. If you disconnect whatever is drawing power, the light will go out.