VW Rough when cold in Rainy Weather

My 1999 VW Golf (120,000 miles) runs very rough for the first few minutes when it is first started after sitting a day or two when the weather is very damp or rainy. After a minute or two or a 1/4 mile it clears up. It seems like water or moisture is messing up something. I’ve had the plugs changed, not sure what to try next.

“I’ve had the plugs changed”

How about the wires? You could also have a very small head gasket leak, leaking coolant into one or more of the cylinders. At first start, this coolant has to be burnt off which can take a minute or two.

Try new spark plug wires.

If the new wires don't help, then a new coil or distributer may be in order.

Sorry - I had new wires put in when the plugs were chnaged.

New wires were put in with the plugs (I forgot to mention). If it’s coolant in cylinders I think I’d notice even during dry weather (at least once in awhile). This is definitely linked only to rainy weather.

I think I have electronic ignition, so I thought that means I do not have a distributor.