VW Passat Variant vs VW Passat


I will be renting a intermediate car for 3 weeks. In this class, I get two options, VW Passat Variant vs VW Passat. Variant is around $100 more than other one.
I believe, handling and engine should be same. Is it difference in interior of both cars ?


Variant is a stationcar




Note that the 2 pics are not from same year.

Okay, in any sense can we say it better than VW Passat (sedan) ? Interiors ? Or may be more demand.
I am just trying to learn, if there is any reason for rental agency to charge more for station-car.

You can carry more luggage in the variant. That’s all the difference.

What are your needs? We rented a Renault in France with another couple; We ordered the station wagon version since we had lots of luggage. Instead they only had the sedan and we had to carry one case in the backseat between the 2 passengers there.

So let your NEEDS decide; otherwise go by price.

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