1998 Oldsmobile vs. 2000 Passat

My future wife is going to school in Kansas City (around 240 miles) once a week for classes. I drive a 00 Passat with just under 100k and she has a 98 Intrigue with around 118k. Which would be more reliable and/or which would be the lowest cost per mile? The Passat is mine, and I would like to keep the mileage low, but I don’t want the Oldsmobile crapping out on her either.

My 30v V-6 is a 5spd and is just a great car. Hers has the 3.8 Liter V-6 that has made GM famous. they both get around the same mpg.

Ideas, suggestions?


So, I forgot to say that the round trip will be around 480 miles.

Rotate Cars And Put Some Miles On Each One.

These cars are both getting on in years (9-12). Age may kill these cars before the miles do. They are both what I would consider “low miles” cars for their age.

I would check all the fluid levels before each trip. How well maintained are they? I know that 3.8L has a timing chain, but what about the VW? Does it have a timing belt and has it been replaced? Have accessory drive belts been replaced?

How many weeks are we talking about? Any chance of finding someone to car pool with after classes begin?


this will be for 4 years. I use mobile one synthetic, and the timing belt has been changed around 5k ago. The Passat gets what ever it needs done. Her car was bought used around 2 years ago.

Wow, You’re Talking About Maybe 60K - 70K. I’m Thinking 480 x 32 Weeks x 4 Years.

Does that sound about right? Maybe you should put all the miles on the Olds. It will be 15-16 years old in four years. Perhaps you should “use it up”. You sound uncertain of the Oldsmobile’s reliabilty. How has it done in the past 2 years? What does it need?


Nothing to speak of except for the recalls from GM. Cruise does not work, something with the ignition…and the a/c will crap out and then work again…digital control…mechanically…fine.