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Vw Passat s 2012 evap

I have this passat and I’m struggling to fix evap leaks. I have replaced:
Fuel cap
Purge value
Leak detection pump
Drop the fuel tank and reseal the the part where the fuel cap connects to.

I also smoked the car to find leaks and I sealed everything I could see. Yes I smoked every evap line and fuel tank. All the patches and things I replaced helped to remove some codes but I still get: p0456 and p0441. Sometimes I get a warning light the fuel cap is not on but it is. New fuel cap too!

Had the same codes on my old Corolla and replacing the charcoal canister fixed it.

Really? I haven’t changed it because its 300 dollars. What happens if it isn’t? What else could be the problem? I remember smoking the charcoal canister and nothing leaked.