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VW Jetta not accelerating like it should

I have a problem where I will be driving and the car will automatically stop accelerating. If I press the gas it will try to rev a little but won’t move. It doesn’t cut off. At one point it was cutting off but my brother fixed some of the issues he seen and it no longer cuts off. This morning I got into it and crank it. Soon as I hit the gas it jumped twice and made a loud pop sound and now it is loud as ever. I was scared to drive it but I had to get home. I had to press down more to make it move and it got louder when I pressed the gas. Im about ready to just start over with a car lol

Could be a problem with a clogged catalytic converter. How old is this car?

A little better of a description is needed . Loud could mean exhaust noise or engine noise because the transmission is slipping. You did not state year or how many miles on this vehicle.

We don’t even know whether this car has an automatic transmission or a manual trans.
For that matter, we don’t even know whether it has a gasoline engine or a diesel engine.
And, we have no idea about its maintenance history.

Just like the police department that had its toilet stolen, we have nothing to go on.

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A pop sound on initial start up can be an engine flooding problem. Maybe you have a leaky injector, or some other fuel system problem causing the injectors to put out too much gasoline, which could also cause your other performance problem. Is the check engine light on?

Based on your symptoms, you might have one thing wrong with your car or several things wrong with your car. I’d start by making sure the battery connections are tight and inspecting the exhaust system, especially the catalytic converter to see if it glows red at night after the engine has run for a while. You should also check your transmission fluid for level and condition (color).