Airbag light came on, any easy and cheap scan tool?

Jus tout of the blue for some reason one afternoon my airbag light flashed once and stayed on, and this everytime I start the car.

Now I only have a generic OBD2 scanner so now what. Do I really gotta go to a mechanic to get it scanned or is there a good tool out there that isn’t to expensive?


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Check w/Harbor Freight too, if you have a store in your locale. Surf to . They have a half dozen or more different types of scan tools, with various levels of functionality. Scan tools should come w/the car imo.

Wow that’s really cheap. I didn’t mention I’m in Canada just to give me ideas and brands to look at but I guess I won’t be getting any of those here.

why not, you can order from Amazon, or

Not no.

I did find the one @Tester linked on and with international shipping it’s reasonable but on Amazon it mentioons VW and Audi only. So not to sure about that.


In your search engine, enter the year/make of your vehicle, and then enter ABS/Airbag scanner.

You should get several hits.


Can’t you just borrow one from the auto parts store? I borrow other tools (too old for scanning).

I went to AutoZone and advance and they would only read the obdii codes.

Oriellys has better code readers. Well, in my area they do.