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Does this repair scare you on an '09 VW Jetta?

Miles 6217

Transmission removed to complete repair
Sway bar links replaced

I am considering the car (it's sportwagen turbo charged version)

Cartalk community convinced me to avoid Passat

If you like Volkswagens, then buy one. The Jetta or the Passat are both ok cars. Not great, but not terrible. That generation Jetta and the Passat are built off the same platform, so reliability should be about the same. I would have a shop check out the underside of the Jetta to make sure the repair was not from a collision.

Agree, the important thing is the ‘why’ behind the repair. Also, get a different shop to look it over.

I’d want to know why this repair was needed on a car that’s only two years old.

Thanks. I will definitely ask.

I just found the VW's very comfortable and I want a wagon and they are nicer than others I tried.

Going to look at Mazdas before I do anything.

There is a vast difference between a Jetta and Passat. Jetta sedans & New Beetle are made in Mexico while Jetta Wagons, Golf’s, and Passat’s in Europe