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VW GTI question! help!

I just bought my GTI and it’s having brake problems. I hit the brakes and they locked on me and my car slid. I looked online for some VW dealerships to take my car to but they all had BAD reviews. I wanna take my car somewhere good…Any idea where in Orlando, FL they may have a good place to take my VW??

Are you saying the brakes are locking when you use light pressure on the pedal? How about some details about the problem. Yea, I know you are looking for someone to fix it, but maybe just maybe if we know more about the problem, we might be able to help better.

Also please tell us how old your GTI is. Modern VWs have anti-lock brakes, and they shouldn’t “lock” under any circumstances.

I recommend looking for an independent VW specialist, rather than a VW dealer. Surely there’s at least one in the Orlando area.

It’ a 1995 GTI Vr6…It wasn’t during light pressure really…just regular and they locked.

Some details behind these locking brakes would help. Noise or pulling? Circumstances behind the phrase “hit the brakes”? Dry or wet pavement, etc.?
You should also consider the following when reading reviews about anything; even when it does not involve cars at all.

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