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VW Golf Stalling out

I have a 99 VW Golf Wolsburg that I bought used a few years ago. I can’t figure out what else I need to do to keep it running. I have done the following: oil changes, replaced spark plugs and wires, replaced crank shaft position sensor, replaced muffler, replaced distributor cap, ignition rotor, made repairs to coolant flange, and replaced the fuel pump wire conections.
It has stalled out on me while driving and then won’t start, leaving me stranded and having to be towed. Sometimes I come back to it and its just fine, and then does it again at a later time. Usually the CEL code is P0304/P0341. After another trip to the mechanic the CEL came on again with P0341.
Now what?

P0341 is related to the camshaft sensor, an integral part of the timing system on any car. P0304 is a misfire in cylinder 4, probably more an effect than a cause.

I am a chick, and currently not a mechanic… need more direction here!!! :slight_smile:

Ah. Nothing wrong with that.

There’s this sensor kinda buried behind some covers that picks up rotation of the cam shaft. It uses that to time your car.
Since the P0341 code is thrown, it complains about the health of that sensor. It could be that the sensor is dirty or bad or it could be that something related to your camshaft is bad.
Since it is intermittent, it may not be easy to diagnose. Most mechanics will replace that camshaft sensor and hope that it was the problem. It may very well be but there are no guarantees with when the car complains about a component. Sometimes the complaint is the cause, other times it is the effect and the cause is elsewhere.

If you’re not mechanically inclined, It wouldn’t be a quick, easy fix that you could do yourself, unfortunately. I’d bring it to a trusted mechanic and ask him to figure it out for you.

Add “replacement of the Camshaft Sensor” to the list… now its throwing the P0304 code again…

Now what can I do. Paid a different mechanic $169 to figure this one out.