VW Golf Mk II w/ Mk IV TDI engine

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I’m 25 years old. I live in San Diego. I am the Multimedia Graphic Designer for SeaSpace Corporation in Poway. Yeah, we fight global warming, aid the military, “and stuff”


I want to replace the engine of a VW Golf Mk II ('87-'92) with the Golf Mk IV TDI ('97 - ''05) engine. Is this possible?


I’ll use this section to explain that the use of the verb “want” in the section above is a pure understatement. Call it odd, but my dream car is the VW Golf Mk II- has been since my age was in single digits. Knowing very little about cars, my fascination with the car is mostly aesthetics, not what’s under the hood. Not offense intended.


I am aware that I could just buy a new TDI. I am aware that this will add a few grey hairs on my head - I also understand that my mechanic will hate me after this project. With that said, please post as many comments and questions that are constructive to this discussion. “Why on earth would you want to to that?!” is a funny and clich? question, but I will not bother responding to them :slight_smile:



I imagine it’s possible, you might find someone that’s done it at the vwvortex.com or tdiclub.com forums.

As texases suggested, head out to tdiclub.com You are likely to be able to find a mechanic in your area with experience in doing what you would like.

I drive a TDI and love it, but I have a hard time figuring out why someone would want to do all that work, but the best things in life don’t follow logic.

He’s a motor-head.
He likes what he likes, and it really isn’t going to be too hard of a job, all things considered.

He needs all the drive train parts and electronics (don’t forget the wiring harness) for the later model diesel engine, and he would do himself a huge help if the Mark II was also a diesel model to start out with.

Then its on to engine and transmission mounts, any subframe changes that are needed, and spoon that puppy in there.

On a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being R&R a SBC in a 1970 Chevy Impala, and 10 being to install a SBC into a Porsche Boxster (we’re still waiting for that guy to finish his project, after 3 years), I’d say its about a 6.5.


Thank you for the replies so far!