Vw golf 2000 tdi losing a power at the high sped

Hi there I got vw golf 2000 tdi , I never had a probem with it , the other day I was driving on high speed just about to over take my car slow dawn it was feel like there no turbo, in laow gears is fine but if u go over 70 mph it won’t go , but soon is u switch off the engine and start again it will come back to normal ??? PLEASE if u know what’s the problem with my car tell me thank you ,

Any one plz ? !!!

When was the last time the fuel filter was replaced?


No about 2 or 3 months a go !!

I changed all the filters and oil !

No Check Engine light?


The Engine lights is not working I belive it has been tooking out .

With no Check Engine light, there’s no way in telling what’s going on.

Get the Check engine light working again.


"The Engine lights is not working I belive it has been tooking out ."

Even though I don’t understand what “tooking out” actually means, if the Check Engine Light is not working, then the obvious first step is to have the car’s OBD system checked for stored trouble codes. Depending on how long the CEL has been inoperative, there could be…many… stored trouble codes.

I have been told it could b the egr valve and I cleaned that today still same nothing change !!!

Go to an auto parts store that will read your stored trouble codes without charging you a fee.
Then, come back to this thread and post the codes.

How is that website or garage ? Please

I don’t know where you live, but I suspect that it is not in The USA.
However, if you do live in The USA, Auto Zone, Advance Auto, O’Reilly, and (possibly) Napa stores will read your stored trouble codes free of charge.

I live in England mate thanks for ur help .

Off brand fuel filters frequently don’t flow as much fuel as a factory filter.

When I was driving truck and puling two 45’ trailers, I could tell before I picked up my second trailer that an off brand filter had been put on my tractor rather than a Mack filter.

My guess is your car is in limp mode. A restart clears the condition and then it comes back. It likely explains your missing check engine light.

A simple read of codes will likely point you in correct direction. Otherwise asking here is shooting in the dark at best

A friend went through this recently with Jetta and did the steps you state of MAF and fuel filter. However they read code too.

She went thru the following and finally realized a new turbo was needed and traded it for a nice 2015 tdi.

Maybe a turbocharger impeller getting a bit intermittent or a converter clogging up?

I learned something here today. Don’t take this the wrong way but I had no idea a VW Golf was capable of high speed. The only ones that I see are abandoned in driveways or stacked on top of each other in salvage yards. I do agree with @andrewRA that the Golf is probably operating in limp mode due to a failure of one or numerous components.

Cleaning an egr is a waste of time. You have to install new to fix any issues.