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Vw camper van type 2 - external oil cooler

Hello everyone, I am fitting an external oil cooler to my Type 2 bus. Has anyone out there done this?.. I need to know which way the oil feed outlet, which is on the oil pump cover plate, faces either left or right. Any advise out there…

Would be most grateful… :-))

What year is your bus? There were different engine types in different years.

Didn’t instructions come with the cooler?

When people change the pump front cover they are usually adding a spin on filter (maybe maybe not). Since all type 4 busses have existing spin-ons this must be earlier.

I have had much better luck adding the revised fan shroud and off-set cooler from VW (common on dual port 1600’s)

I usually leave the pump front cover alone unless installing bigger pump gears, and do all the additions off the old cooler mounting base.

Why are you working in the pump front cover area?

Hi there, thanks for the reply

We have a 1968 VW T2 Camper Van, and have recently added a re-conditioned engine, 1641, which I have installed myself (not being a mechanic you can appreciate a little help goes a long way).

I am fitting an external oil cooler which is the Buckpack kit, which although comes with individual instructions has nothing with regard to the plate which replaces the existing oil cover plate. Since posting my query, I have done a little more reading of the Bentley Manual and have summised that the higher pressure side of the oil pump is on the left and therefore the outlet on the kit plate should be on the left hand side…

Thats my theory anyway :-))

All positive comments wellcome

Cheers Dave

Are you calling the outlets on the top of the engine case the “oil pump outlets”? Didn’t want to try the VW fix for the oil cooler? it is the best.