VW body noise

2003 jetta has a body clunking (serious) ONLY in the summer, when it has been in the sun

What in heck is a “body clunking?”

Please don’t take this the wrong way @jesmed1 but “body clunking” is commonplace. How old are you? Have you never heard the term “clunkers?” They get their name from the squeaks, rattles and clunks when a vehicle gets old and rubber components lose their ability to keep things quiet. @Lud … it gets hot in the summertime so bushings and body mounts get very soft. When this happens…you hear clunks.

Here’s an odd Jetta clunk:

@missileman, thanks, no offense taken. I’ve heard of clunkers, clunking, etc. But I never heard the phrase “body clunk.” All the car “clunk” sounds I’ve ever heard were suspension clunks. Didn’t know a body could clunk, too. Thanks for the education. :wink:

Thanks @jesmed1 because I learn something new all the time. I just found out yesterday that the word “stogie” comes from the “Conestoga” brand of cigar made in the Conestoga area of Pennsylvania. To keep Carolyn happy I will add that the Conestoga wagon comes from that area and it was so popular…it’s the reason we drive on the right side of the road today. You see…the Conestoga wagon was originally driven from the side while walking or you could sit on the “lazy board.” It had to be driven on the right side of the road because the brake and other controls were mounted on the left of the wagon.