Voyager makes a clunk on starting


My mechanic is concerned about a rather loud clunk when I first start my 2000 Voyager - right after the engine turns over. They think it has something to do with the transmission and refuse to let me pay for any more work on the vehicle until I get it checked out by a transmission specialist. They did say something about a fly wheel. When the voyager is running, the transmission seems to shift smoothly and the transmission oil is clean. My question is (sorry if this seems dumb) would the transmission engage when the engine is first turned on, before taking the vehicle out of park and make the loud clunk, or does anyone have any ideas what else would make that noise.

They might want to remove the access cover at the transaxle, and check to make sure the flex plate to torque converter mounting hardware hasn’t loosened up.


Thanks, I will mention it to the mechanic.

Universal joint is another consideration if it gives a clunk from forward to reverse.

Its front wheel drive. Did you mean CV joint?

A loose flexplate can sound like a rain flapper on a diesel UNTIL you put it in gear at which time the noise stops.

I’d also consider motor mounts in the mix.

Thanks everyone for the thoughts. It turned out to be a broken flywheel. After that investment, I guess we are keeping the Voyager for a while :slight_smile: